Monday, May 28, 2012

Little Changes of Little Import

a.k.a. A post for my mother.  Hi, Mom.

Here's me and Ivy, in January.

Both of us.

Seeing this picture was the catalyst for me starting to pin my bangs to the side half the time this week.
I gave it more than a month.It's been fun. 

I'll wear them front and centre a few times for you, Ma, when I visit.  So you can say, "I like it" the way you do -- with the sweet rising inflection of a mother who will recommend tortoiseshell megaframes for her daughter's first glasses; encourage the daughter to sing (non-)harmonies with her siblings around the house, and react positively to learning her granddaughter's name is unusual.

Or you can say, "I think I liked it better before," the way you do when your daughter has spent hours rearranging her childhood bedroom -- including drawingmultiple floorplans and moving heavy furniture, Hans Solo.  Y'know, you could do that.
See you soon.  X
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