Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project: Don't Faint

The basic run-down: 
Last time I went to the dental school and saw my dental student for a routine filling, I passed out.  Over and over.  For hours.  I rode in an ambulance an entire block to the hospital emergency department to pass out s'more there, then have a line feed me fluids until the local in my gum wore off.  Yup, I fainted reeeeeeeeeeeeal good.

No actual dental work was done.

I am booked in to return to see the same dental school student, in the same cubicle, for the same work...tomorrow.  To.mor.rooow.  So ah...
  • How exactly does one not faint?  Seriously.  And how about after you've fainted in a similar situation...wait...the exact situation before? 
  • Something I left out last time:  My "dentist" had shaking hands when she injected me.  And then there was a problem with the first needle.  She went away and got another, without explaining what was going on.  Then went for it again, hands shaking, metal tinkling against my top teeth.  It was after all the squirting was done that I did the passing out.  So this brings me to another question;
  • How exactly does one ask one's dentist to make sure her hands are steady this time?  I'm pretty sure such a request would produce the opposite results.
  • Here's me last September, with my dental student.  I asked for a photo of me in the chair to show Esky, who was due to visit the dental nurse the next day.  My plan was to let her see how brave Mama is; "Your turn, Esky!  Just like I want to the dentist!"
 Just looking at those photos I am sabotaging my own project here (see the title...and bullet one, c'mon!).   But I am also noticing how my dental student is smiling.  Aw.  She loves me.  Well...loved me.  I was her favourite patient until I went all limp, spewy and bad-case-study-esque on her. And I'm noticing all of the other dental students working on other people in the background.  I'm remembering the symphony of instruments playing in the background. 

/shaking it off.

I'm channeling the time I got a temporary filling and one other filling without incident.  Zero incidents.  I'm reminding myself I do this to prevent having to undergo scarier procedures.  We're talking about a filling...not a root canal. 

Remembering these things helps.  A little.  I will continue to do this, eat lots, and say special prayers.  My mouth is not trivial to Him, surely.  I know my consciousness certainly isn't.

Tomorrow. Eek.
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