Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unfortunate Typos

I am sending a thank-you text to my brother -- who kindly left vouchers on our piano when his big family returned to Christchurch after staying at our place;

What I meant to say:
Thank you for spoiling us.

What I said:

Thank you for soiling us.

I am replying to a friend's comment on FB about how she almost fell-out with Vistacrack (she naturally reports to me, as their ambassador). 

What I meant to say:
I wipe my brow in relief.

What I said:
I wipe my brown in relief.

  • What a difference...a letter makes...
  • The first typo not only produces a different meaning, it is pretty much the opposite of my intention -- a sort of sarcastic complaint?
  • The second is the kind of report one should only make to his/her doctor or health practioner, and then, only when asked.  Mammoth social networking site?  Not so much.
  • Both errors arguably related to poop, no less.  What's with me and poop?
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