Monday, June 18, 2012

Five Misc Items at 5:00

  1. I really really like it when my girls crawl into my bed.  I don't mind if you would rather your kids didn't do that...but I would rather mine did.  I like squishing them. I like smelling their hair. I love the things they say when they look at you in the semi-darkness, awake or otherwise.  I also enjoy being warm on the cheap.  (It helps that Esky always asks permission first, and that Ivy only likes small doses of cuddling.)
  2. I gave the bangs two months.  It's been fun.  I'm clipping them to the side now.  We may meet again.
  3. Does anyone else get book hangovers?  I do, big time.  You know, when you start something new and it feels like a real labour to keep with it; when you are still thinking about how the other book/s you were reading made you feel and you just want more of those books?  Yeah.  I'm there.  I've started some Ilona Andrews on a recommendation claiming she's "better than Cashore," and I'm finding no supporting evidence of this assertion.
  4. I'm pretty upset that I didn't prioritise getting one of my sisters to pluck my grey hairs during my visit.  Because it's torture to do that yourself.  Have you tried?   Have you held your arm up over your head and stuck with the task long enough to ensure you have the correct hair (not one of the good guys), only to have all of the blood drain out of your arm?  I'm writhing just thinking about the frustration of that feeling.  Gaaah!  "Got it!  Got it!  Finally!  And out you come!  Now...for all you others...I'll be back for you some other day when I do not feel really angry with my arm, all of you coloured volunteers, and this entire situation."
  5. I feel guilty about how much high quality, styley clothing I recently procured for peanuts.  I want to invite you all over and let you pick an item each...but then I also want to squirrel it all away for myself and wear a different outfit every day for three years.  Add to that the temptation to sell some of it off so I can buy Esky puzzles...and it's hard.  /balancing scale hands: "share with people...clothesaurus puzzler....share with people...fashionista with jigsaws..." You can see why you lose, right?

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