Friday, June 15, 2012

Making Mountains into Molehills

Big events in bullets:
  • Esky got burned.  A bowl of hot peas (in super-hot water) landed on her thigh this week (when a bag on the table tipped over and knocked the bowl).  The 10 minutes of cold water on the area thereafter was the worst part of the ordeal.  Second place for this award: Ivy's confusion upon concluding I was torturing her comrade for kicks. Esky was a brave girl -- even when she caught a look at the red zone...and later blistery business.  We were seen by our own GP at our doctor's office, after hours, within 30 minutes after the initial spill -- one of many tender mercies in an undesirable situation, including Esky not wanting to leave the treatment room when it came time to go.  I used a sanitary pad to cover the wound en route.  /raising the roof.
  • Haki has a new job; a great job (working for Right House).  This is a very big deal.  You see, me asking him to stop travelling for work ultimately resulting in him not travelling...and not much here working for him.  We returned to the trenches of job-seeking and soul-searching -- Haki's unhappy place.   This new job ends months of backstage anxiety, stress, tension, dilemmas, struggle and desperate prayers. I didn't mention it here, because I knew it would pass eventually. Hey, I made $40 of groceries last two weeks.  The girls were still gorgeous; my husband still adored me; there's always been too much good going on to let it sink us.
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