Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sabbath Amusements XVIII

I'm back. 
I was in Wellington and Kapiti last week.
Photo overload pending.

Four things I laughed at today:
  1. A li'l four-year-old who doesn't often attend our Primary classes joined us today.  I will call him "Rambo."  Rambo sat in the front row.  Because he didn't know the songs very well and can't read yet, I asked if he would say, "One...two!" for the group -- to lead us in to starting in time together reading the words on a visual aid I was holding up, aloud, in unison.  He proceeded to do a somersault.  After I had stopped laughing, I said, "That's a pretty great trick, could you try another trick for me?"  He nodded eagerly in response.  I continued, "Can you say, 'One, two!'?" and bam -- there he went, rollin' across the floor again.  Noted.  I will store this programming for future use, should Rambo need to be distracted or redeployed.  It would be neat-oh if he didn't outgrow it.  Ever.  And if I knew him for years.  And got invited to major events in his life. 
  2. While we were driving to Haki's mother's for a Sunday roast, Haki noted the fuel light flashing on and said, "I hope we get home," (he hasn't kept the tank topped up in my absence...and we do our best to avoid purchasing things on Sunday...even fuel...but would if we really needed to.  But I prefer to fill up Saturday.  Ahem.).  Then he added, "Save trees, write on a monkey," out of nowhere.
  3. After dinner at the MIL's, we returned to where we'd left Haki's work car parked, at the chapel (we'd gone in in separate vehicles since I had an early meeting).  Esky asked, "Papa, can you follow us?" Haki insisted he would get home first.  He stalled in his seat.  Then he got out and flicked the car's window wipers out and up.  I got out, flicked ours down, and ran to put his window wipers up while he called out that it was no big deal, he would drive that way.  He fumbled for the ignition.  He meant it.  I pulled open his driver's door and tickled him in an effort to free the keys from his grasp.  He warned me I was going to get hurt through giggley-gritted teeth and thrashing.  I ran back to the family car.  He reversed out to block me, then drove off in front (at the speed limit -- which neither of would exceed during such a game, fyi).  I followed him through the suburbs.  We got onto the highway.  It was deserted.  I indicated I was going to pull over and slowed to a crawl and near-stop. I noticed he drove on.  I placed a garbled call to Haki saying we had "a situation."  He took an exit (since the highway has centre fencing) and turned around to rescue me from my apparent fuel crisis.  Haki left me a very long HeyTell (voice) message about playing dirty, boys crying wolf, but nonetheless, well-playednesssss.  A message I listened to at home.  The place I got first.
  4. Oh, and Ryan Gosling and Philosoraptor memes. Ask Google.
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