Monday, June 18, 2012

Toy Library Lenders

I am a toy library groupie.  My love surpasses that of your run-of-the-mill fan.  I think toy libraries are a thing of genius.  Thanks to the toy library, my girls have played with a diverse range of toys -- sometimes very big toys (like trampolines, see-saws, slides and playhouses), sometimes expensive toys (like 40 Sylvanian Family characters, wooden play kitchens, wooden playfood), and often things that would have been favoured for a phase anyway (water tables, ride-ons, doctor's kits).  This is at little cost, without filling my home or filling an order, and without any toys becoming dross to them.  I welcome the mindset that all of these *things* are on loan, and we return them -- that we can part with things we have enjoyed.  I also welcome attachment objects fast becoming heirlooms.  I like that Esky already knows the difference.  I also like that when I'm worrying about how learning on a balance bike alone could affect Esky's development, I can quit worrying and borrow a pedal bike for a fortnight for a buck.  Groupie.

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