Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winter Trip: 1 of 2

We spent a week in Wellington and Kapiti visiting my family's homes and haunts.

We let Ivy drive...
 ...while Esky pedalled.
 ...and planted.
Fun Fact: The blondie, below (at left) is months older than three-year-old Esky...but she hands her clothes down to my one-year-old, in her mother pulled them off of her body and I put them directly onto my "baby," whom they fit just fine.
This is all still the first day in Wellington.  Esky loves playing with her cousins.  She says that exact sentence in first person often; "I love playing with my cousins!"
Also loves: running.
 Doting Pop:
Helpful squishy princess:
 Darling discovery centre in the museum:
 ...complete with a coin-speckled counter where you can rub a coin onto paper with a crayon...
...and use that to pay. 
Cute shop keeper.
Maybe when we revisit in a year or two this will be Connect-4 instead of "Fill it up x many."   /shrug  Giant games are awesome.
 Last stop before callin' the museum quits.
We spent the rest of the week in and around my parents', where my brother's Christchurch refugee family is living too -- meaning playmates all week for the girls;
 While the two eldest were at school, Esky would have time with one of the two younger kids...
 ...and of course her sister;
Esky is watching a Thomas DVD I found at an op shop.  Oh, the op shops.  It was grand.  We have so many new jigsaw puzzles, games and books!

Staying at my parents also means an in-built petting zoo;
(Pop with Esky, Jemma and horses.)

Part 2 of 2.
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