Thursday, June 14, 2012

Winter Trip: 2 of 2

So, where we left off yesterday -- Esky was off in the distance, in Pop's arms (my dad's arms, that is).  Here she is after visiting with the horses, tellin' me all about it:

This is the spiral staircase of half of my child life...with my child on it:
And here's Ivy, sitting in a chair I sat in almost 30 years ago.  /sigh
Esky took a free ride on the train with Pop -- they are considered too young and too old to pay, respectively.  Handy.  Note: My dad is holding two of the books I'd just picked up at an op shop -- I handed them to dad when we dropped the pair off, on a hunch.  After the train pulled away from the station, she sat down and said, "Let's read the books now."  Yup.

She was excited to see so many trains, so often, during the trip -- including getting up close and personal, despite her distraction after the doors closed.
Skirt-hiking tyre swing...
One afternoon we were on our way out for a park visit.  My dad casually gave us a parcel to post on his behalf on the way. 

A couple things about this: 6 x 8 is not 36, clerk-lady, soz...and quietly correcting you broke some of the strings on my teacher fiddle; and Dad, you are an unusual human.  Sometimes my father also prints labels and uses a website and courier contractor for parcels.  Go figure.
You may have deduced we eventually made it to the park.  Esky was very proud of going up this ladder and down this particular slide, over and over.
George was selected as the honored sidekick for this trip -- like our last North Island trip.  Interesting.  Although he spent the bulk of this visit naked, since his rompers fell under the bed on the first night.  I've since sewn on his clothes.

My mother had returned from her last trip to her parents' place (in California) with photos I hadn't seen before.  Like this one:

Snack-time with one of the younger cousins:
One of the few times Ivy went to Pop (she was pretty Mama-clingy):
On the last day, one of the neighbour's cows got into mom's garden.  Do you know someone who really, really loves their garden and has put years (years) of work into making it what it is (mostly solo).  Have you ever watched that a heifer stomp all over?  Or heard them?
We have.
It wasn't pretty.
But my mom sure was, eh?
My dad would be quick to add here that she still is.  Probably not spontaneously during the cow incident, but in a better moment, without a doubt.
If you look back at the cow shot, you can see him standing up in the top right-hand corner, contemplating how to do something to better the situation and appease the wrath of the love of his life.
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