Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Colds and Books

We're doing both, presently.  The latter is more fun.
Lost Boys, Orson Scott Card
I have wanted to read this book for 7 years, precisely.  And read it, I did.  It was...
In addition, it was engrossing, thought-provoking and well-paced (I kept thinking, "this is like a Hitchcock film").  But disturbing.  I hesitate to recommend this book willy nilly because of that.  I am sure I will be haunted by it for the rest of my life; a well-written nightmare.  You might enjoy it, if you like Patricia Cornwell (which I don't) or The Lovely Bones (also a "nope" from me) mixed with Rear Window with a side of an Insider's Guide to Mormonism in American suburbia.  It does a few things that big player horror films didn't until years after its publication.  I have recommended it to my father, because I want to talk to someone about it, and I think he is going to be fascinated by it.
(Please Note: this book also includes language and sexual references you might not expect from a Mormon author.)

On the Edge, Ilona Andrews
A lovely friend of mine recommended Ilona Andrews for filling my void after the Graceling trilogy -- which was such a lovely journey.  I read about 100 pages of one of Andrews' other novels (Kate Daniels #1), and established thereby Andrews writes well and has stories to tell.  I still quit that book; I just didn't care for the character enough.  This was bizarre for me, since I have probably quit only a handful of books in my life.  I think it's just hard to switch from the female mercenaries (or wannabe mercenaries) of YA lit to those colouring the pages of adult literature -- who are more vulgar, brutish, and well...graceless.  The sexual and violent references are more visceral and graphic too.  I wasn't ready to go back into "adult" books if that's what urban fantasy adult books are.  But then, the recommendation came from a good source.  I returned to the notes I'd made after her suggestions were given, and noted she was an advocate for the Kinsmen and The Edge series...and said nothing to hold her responsible for the Kate Daniel's tiki tour I'd been on.  Ah.  So I tried On the Edge, and it was an excellent story, and something I could get stuck into...but it still had a graceless toughie chick and visceral sexual references.  /sigh  So I don't think I'll be reading the sequel anytime soon...not when there is so many YA offerings.
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