Friday, July 6, 2012

Esky the Motor-Mouth

Now, Esky:
  • is crazy-articulate.  Her vocabulary astounds me.  One of my favourites of her often-used phrases is, "Oops, I was mistaken!" (used, say, when she discovers her poop's not ready so she doesn't need to sit any longer, or when she calls "There's a red Mini Cooper!" and realises, "Oops, I was mistaken, that's a Suzuki Swift, silly me!").  Generally, she creates very long sentences, and I find these irresistable...such as, "Mama?  I have something to tell you.  Do you want to know what it is?  I have a great idea!  After you have finished doing the dishes, and I have finished my jobs -- because we both have jobs, don't we?   Like Papa -- he has to go to work, and some mamas work at home, and some go to work -- those are the jobs -- soooo, after the jobs we need to do, then we can play together!  Don't you think that is a good idea?  But first I'll need to be persistent!" (all the while completing a puzzle up at the kitchen table...a.k.a. her "job" to do.)  This is a tenth as long as some of her convoluted reasoning.  It's hard not to snicker under my breath when she forgets where she was going with something to begin with...getting lost in her tangents happens once or twice a day.  
  • is starting to read (by sounding things out and knowing the look of certain words). 
  • still delivers the occasional Mondegreen that amuses us, such as singing, "Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his whackawai cat!"  (when I told her the actual words, I think it was the first time she's come close to blushing).
  • has some habits that die hard, even though she knows they're incorrect -- the hostipal and hoppergrasses, namely -- she knows, but likes the way she says them.  This reminds me of a little girl I know who would say, "Ba - na - ma!" back to you slowly when you broke the fruit down into syllables for her. 
  • has recently stepped into the exciting realms of representational drawing!  Thankfully I still have some time left in that beloved stage of "drawing for the thrill of making marks," with Ivy.  Here is Esky's "snowman:"
  • is super-helpful -- often willing to clean up Ivy's mess if it means I will be able to join her for one-on-one play sooner.
  • must know the words to at least 300 songs.  More.

    P.S.  I know I gush about my kids' strengths.   Keep in mind, I am also very aware of the things they are still working on, I just choose to focus on the strengths.
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