Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Five Current Things at 5:00

  1. We drove to Christchurch (four hours non-stop, at night) this weekend to celebrate Haki's grandfather's 80th birthday.  His cake was made to look like an army hat in tribute to his time as an Anzac soldier, lemon squeezer 'n' all. 
  2. At least three people have sucked in their breath and gotten jiggly-excited when I've come to them with news in the past few weeks.  I'm not pregnant.  They thought otherwise.  Sorry team.  Maybe later?  It is nice to know y'all are optimistic a third would be Ivy-fast instead of Esky-slow.
  3. Ivy is on her first course of antibiotics -- after weeks of battling a cold virus and my determination to beat the bug with healthy living, things went bacterial and chesty.  She's still not a hundred, poor lass. 
  4. Flavoured milk is my favourite treat right now.  See, aren'tcha glad I included item 2?  
  5. I feel a rant coming on.
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