Saturday, July 21, 2012

Five Minor Inconveniences at 5:00

Minor inconveniences:
  1. I stripped off my winter layers, shaved my legs, donned my sports gear, made a quick dinner, covered Haki's serving in the fridge for him to eat without us, hauled the kidmeat up the steps in the dark to the car, drove to the opposite end of the city (35 minutes or so), dropped them off at their grandmother's, left for my evening basketball game, and then was informed by someone I didn't know at the gymnasium that our team had called and cancelled.  /sigh
  2. The dustpan and broom I use 3-5 times a day broke.  I kept using it.  For weeks.  When I finally allocated some budget to replacing it (the inner-stinge won out for quite some time -- the broken set still worked, -ish), we got one so much better I can't believe I was using the other one for the task when it wasn't broken.
  3. I made really good meringues today.  They stuck to the paper.  I knew they would, but I didn't have parchment paper...and I did have egg whites to use (left-overs after making crème brûlée with the yolks -- which was excellent, I might add, are you not making this yet?!).  As I was sayin' -- sticky.  So I ate some wax paper today.  /shrug
  4. Haki's mother now sleeps on a cloud, apparently, because she reported her cast-off would be a great improvement upon the springed slab we were sleeping on.  She moved it into her spare room, and told us we should collect it.  When we were staying in Christchurch, I woke up without springprints.  Coming home to our not-soft bed suddenly elevated the MIL's upgrade offer from, "To do when Haki has time to hire a trailer," to "Make it happen, stat." A busy friend with a truck went to the trouble of meeting Haki to collect and load the mattress.  Said friend then drove it the 35 minutes to our house, and began carrying it in with his son.  That was when I had the unhappy job of reporting he'd loaded and driven the wrong mattress out to us.  Yup.  (The MIL had put her offered-cast-off on her spare bed and moved that mattress off...and consequently the worst mattress of the lot was propped up against the wall.  She offered us the better of the two she wasn't using...but it was "in use" on her spare bed, in waiting -- in case she had guests.  I can see how the unused one looked ready for collection.)
  5. I've finished Book 1 in a series ready to read a pre-release copy of Book 2...but it hasn't arrived...and now I'm forced to read something in between, when really, I like going from 1 to 2 without interruption veddimuch.
First. world. problems.   I know.
And nothing like turning up to watch a movie to find the villian is in your cinema.  /shudder 
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