Friday, July 6, 2012

Ivy's Happy Feet

Aw, Ivy's putting a baby in an oven.  /sigh 
Now, Ivy:
  • tips her head so that her ear is touching her shoulder and smiles, once you've reacted, she tips it again and does it on the other side; she repeats until you stop saying, "aw!" / "cute!"  Her cousin does the same thing.  Does a babe you know do it too?
  • is starting to get the concept of putting things away.  /wide mouth and silent scream of joy.
  • is also starting to sit to be read to; second "hallelujah."  I mean, if she wasn't into it, that'd be okay, I Mr Holland's son being deaf is okay.
  • isn't saying much beyond, "Mama," (so different from Esky).  "Hi," is the only other intelligible word (she yabbers plenty) -- and only when she's holding up a phone or a remote. She played with "boo" and "up" for a while, and even said "Papa" for half an hour at regular intervals...but nothing's stuck.
  • has four teeth, and a fifth peeking through, silver. 
  • dances spontaneously to music...her favourite move currently being her arms going up and down in turns, like scales with a single weight transferring back and forth.
  • likes to deny people hugs, or obedience; Haki is often at the receiving end -- his outstretched arms are often met with a grunt and fast, single shake of the head to one side.  Tough love.  I hope she outgrows this soon...even though the hard-to-get routine plays out pretty adorably when Haki's involved...(perhaps part of why?)
  • does a happy dance whenever she's chuffed with her achievement -- it's pretty much running on the spot and squealing. 
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