Friday, July 20, 2012

Laundry = Love

 (free printable here)

I have been thinking on this.  A lot.  And not only on the fleeting nature of the season of life I'm in (with only two children, I might add), but I've also been considering the concealed blessing it really is to have that pile of washing to do, now. 

I still remember longing to be a mother; longing for the whole package. 
My wish was granted.

I am certain there are among us those who are lonely or grieving, who would do anything to have this exact type of service to perform for others; who miss or crave our chores not only because of empty nests, but sometimes, because their nests have never filled or because they feel prematurely robbed. 

I think about this when I peg and fold, and it reminds me -- this washing and work I have is evidence I have

Similarly, every time I find reminders I do not live alone (that in weaker moments could be irritating)...

 ...I remind myself that these are exactly that; reminders I do not live alone.  I have.  I am fortunate.   So while I am sure President Monson's words will ring true in years to come due to the natural order of things, I regularly remind myself that if tragedy were to visit our household, I would profoundly miss every disturbance in our home that shows each and every body shares this space.  

Laundry = my physical manifestation of having those to hold.
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