Wednesday, July 18, 2012


“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only -- and that is to support the ultimate career. ”
― C.S. Lewis

I feel sincerely and deeply that my life, days and existence are filled with meaning and purpose, even when I'm tired and falling short of executing things as I'd hope.  So why, for the love of all the things, am I plagued by accusors? I like what I do, and asking me with doubtful squinty-eyes if I'm really content with my lot does not make you a shrink, nor will it cause a façade curtain to drop so you can cry, "I knew it!"  I'm not pretending, I'm trying my darndest; it's different.  But hey, when you go around doin' that -- digging for confessions that the road is challenging and undesired, something to run away from -- you make some people think that's the right answer.  Stop it.  It's not. Well, it's certainly not for me.    Challenging can be desired...and downright glorious -- something to run towards and embrace, smell, and relish.

I mean it. 

And yes, I realise that if you're reading this, you're almost certainly in no need of such a rebuke. 

P.S.  I get that some people do find things challenging and at moments (maybe long ones), undesired, and so some people think they are helping by probing.  Maybe first try to buoy someone up with encouragement and small acts of kindness before attempting to be a source of enlightenment in denouncing how miserable of a state you deem them to be in -- on a large or small scale, I'd take the encouragement and kindness over the observation and resounding hollowness thereafter, any day.  Am I wrong?  What do you think? And nope, I'm not talking about leaving well enough alone when you're pretty sure someone is living with abuse or addiction -- there are clear and obvious exceptions to this application...but motherhood?  I'm not suffering from cancer, grieving the loss of a loved one, nor was I just laid off -- so perhaps people could stop offering me their sympathy? 

It'd be easier for more people to take stock of living the dream if you'd quit calling it a nightmare.  
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