Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Op Shop Puzzles and More

While we were staying with my parents, in the North Island, it seemed a must to check out the op shops of my teenagehood.  I was getting breathless just thinking about browsing shelves and racks I hadn't laid eyes on for years.  I wasn't disappointed.  Here are some of my finds from up there, as well as a couple of things I picked up in Dunedin just before we left.

  1. Striped earrings, which I replaced the hooks for.
  2. Thomas floor puzzle -- this is my favourite of all of the puzzles I found, and I found it in Dunedin. 
  3. Dalmation dominoes (super-cute).
  4. Winnie the Pooh game -- the other purchase from Dunedin.  Moving the Pooh piece by the colour chosen by the spinner is easy for little humans.
  5. Wooden owl puzzle -- this has the numbers written in full behind each pieces home, along with stars to represent the number's value.  Like.  This is laying on a delicates bag, because that is what I keep puzzles of this type in (thanks Pinterest -- genius).
  6. Alphabet floor puzzle -- stored in the heavy duty plastic bag that once housed a duvet cover (I always keep those!).
  7. Buckaroo. I love this game.  Again, this is a game a preschooler can play and be on an even playing field with an adult; players take turns gently loading up a trigger-sprung mule with items, cringing in the hopes their additiona don't make Roo buck (it's loosely similar to Operation, but requires less dexterity).
  8. Here are two more of the puzzles I found -- I got quite a few in tattered boxes from which I salvaged the mini-picture alone to use with the organza bags I intended to store them in (labelling the accompanying "preview" tag with Puzzle A, for example, and then writing an "A" on the back of each piece).
  9. These two puzzles are the highest quality I've ever found; the printing of the image, strength of the board, piece edges, crisp colour...mmmm! These two were still sealed in their original bags!
  10. These four tray puzzles came sealed in a single bag for $2.00.  /sigh of happiness. 
Of all of the children's puzzles and games I bought on the trip and the hunt just before (14 in all), only one was missing a piece....and it was a puzzle I didn't like that much. Esky is puzzle-crazy right now, if you didn't guess...she often does puzzles while I'm making dinner or doing dishes, up at the kitchen table.

Items 3, 4 and 6 were all in a $5 bag (among other things!).  All up, these items cost less than $20, and a quarter of that I forked out for the Winnie the Pooh game.
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