Saturday, July 21, 2012

Roth's Dystopia

While Roth's dystopian world requires a generous suspension of disbelief, it is oh-so-fun. I flew through these books because I found them to be highly entertaining.  By "highly entertaining" I mean that I went to bed early so I could read, every night, until these were done.
Divergent, Veronica Roth
The lead character is intriguing, the romance is fair, and things move along fast enough for my taste.   I dug hangin' with Dauntless freshers.
Insurgent, Veronica Roth
An excellent sequel that delivers more of the good stuff; more of the world (and other factions), more character development, (oodles more sexual tension), and more progress towards the bigger picture.  Not a floozy filler.  Maybe a little floozy.

I've read colourful reviews passionately praising and pooh-poohing these books.  In terms of storytelling, I think these are solid and good.  High five, Rothsie!
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