Monday, August 27, 2012

Carnival = Complete...almost

For the past two weeks, our home has been a maze of live project spaces -- bunting, cupcake toppers, grocery boxes, prizes, signs, photobooth props, old striped linen stacks, game supplies, lists, hall diagrams, name badges, aprons -- much has covered all visible surfaces in mounds and arrays.

All for Saturday's Winter Carnival.  This Saturday, just past!  We contrived, we came, and we carnivalled!  What a blast;
We still have tyres, toy cars, supply boxes, balloon pumps and food to move...but it's mostly over.  And doesn't Esky know it?  -- "But what will we do after the carnival?"  /blink blink    It is as though all has been leading to this moment -- what comes after everything?!  Yeah, that kid has been a champion party planner and lead assistant for all shopping trips, working bees, and set up stints. 

To come: more photos, and an ideas run-down for anyone wanting to run a small or large-scale carnival event -- feel free to pick and choose from our game stall activities for a carnival of your own.
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