Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Five Preoccupations at 5:00

  1. We constructed a fort in the living room for an afternoon of Olympic viewing, Saturday.  It's still up.  And into every crevice and cranny therein Esky has ferrited away books, dolls and various blocks standing in as other objects.  It's her house, dontchaknow?  The Olympics are virtually forgotten. 
  2. Esky cannot get enough of Thomas the Tank Engine.  She'll take it in any form.
  3. I am organising a (small-time) "Winter Carnival" activity to be held in the rec hall of our church building later this month; delegating stalls to child vendors, planning fair-type treats, designing tickets and posters...suffice to say,  "Entry of the Gladiators" is playing in my mind on repeat.
  4. One of you introduced me to FreeCycle. Thank you, Kate.  Have you used it?!  Ah!  It's amazing!  I love that I can list my junk to become someone else's treasure -- having someone come and collect something I didn't want to throw out, but didn't want to keep -- glor-i-ous!  Aaaand, vice versa -- I've started hoarding supplies for the carnival from people having a clean-out. 
  5. We have been having lots of honey-butter on toast.  It's practically a hobby.  (We whip together equal parts of each until it whitens up and goes fluffy.  Yumballs.  Thanks, Dad, for introducing me to all manner of ways to put sugar on bread.)
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