Friday, August 3, 2012

Giveaway: Condensation Scoopy

a.k.a. The one where my time spent cleaning is belied by my enthusiasm for a household product you never knew existed.

Of all of the things I own in my home, this is by far the most gimmicky. It also stands resolutely with my washing machine, vacuum cleaner and rice cooker in the categories, "Things I'd rather not do without," and "Things that make a chore ridiculously easier."

It is my Condensation Scoopy. (RRP $24.95)

It looks like this:
I squeegee, pull off the base, and then use the captured water to tend to our houseplants, and carry along my way.  On a very cold morning, I need to empty it four times before the task is done.

Perhaps your home has an HRV unit (/cough"Sarah"), central heating (/nudge, Fionna), or the benefits of a warmer climate.
Or...maybe, like me, you could use up two towels every morning to be free of moisture on your windows...and if you don't do something, you get mould.  I've already purchased two of these for large families I know who have a lot of bodies breathing out their one litre of water each night, and they use them daily, so I know I'm not alone. 

Do you want one?  
They are pretty nifty.
And when I told The Cleaner's Warehouse I thought so, they sent me some to give away.  (Bless 'em!  And they're based in Christchurch!)

To be considered, all you need to is a leave a comment on this post (ensuring your email address is linked or supplied).

You'll know when entries are closed because I'll turn comments off and add a cap-off comment myself. /wink

Be warned, I can be partial to shameless begging.  Or those who'd rather not.  And short responses (e.g. "pick me" alone).  And rhyme.  In case you missed it: this will not be random and I'll give these away to whomever I fancy.

P.S.  Here's Ivy demonstrating its use:

(She goes and gets it out of the cupboard if I steam up the kitchen, making dinner...because she's seen me do it in the morning. that. many. times.)
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