Friday, August 31, 2012

Ivy approaches 1.5

At 16.5 months...
  • In addition to hi, bye, moheas (more please), Mama, and Papa, Ivy consistently now says: up, pease (please), upease (up please), made-a-mess (like it's one word), uh-oh, oops, hot, ah-done (all done), ah-idy (all tidy), mes (yes), naw (no), eyes, and teeth. She says 'abay' at the end of prayers.
  • She speaks in nonsense sentences while pointing at things, often. Haki reported "David Bowie" was uttered in such a string. 
  • She hates being changed.
  • Also -- sharing Mama.  Ever.
  • Has not formed any attachment to any object.  
  • Favourite song: "My Hands"  ("My hands upon my head I'll place, upon my shoulders, on my face...")
  • When we sing "My Favourite Things," Ivy loudly belts the final "baaaaad!"  
  • As Esky did, Ivy melts into you when she hugs you...and pats your back, just like Mama pats hers.
  • Thinks she can run, climb and walk up/over anything.  She falls a lot as a result.
  • Haki likes to imitate the way Ivy runs -- with one of her arms like a T-Rex's.
  • Her default facial expression with non-family = a scowl.
  • She loves: the bath, brushing her teeth, the cat, all cats, corn on the cob (still), fakey flesh nibbles, being upside-down, being outside, swings, slides, enclosure (still), the Masterchef Australia theme song, having a blanket over her lap, independently babbling through books, falling asleep on her tummy, clawing at patches of excema, and climbing up onto Esky's freshly vacated chair to seek out any traces of the meal.

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