Friday, August 31, 2012

Sweet Resolution

The Lord of Lies, Sam Bowring

The second half of the Strange Threads story is fantasy-astic. 

The tale picks up precisely where it left off, proceeds at the same pace, and presents a final fifth that is perfect. 

What a finale!  I'm still marvelling over the plot construction -- did Bowring pen a single book and split it in two?  Because The Lord of Lies lacks the smokey stench of stretched-out sequel, and charges onward without any attempt at filling in newcomers (a kindess, considering the small space between the release dates -- no one really needs reminded).  Whatever his strategy, I'm wowed by how much relevant action can be harnessed in two volumes.

Bowring's villains still border on the unbearable, and violence pervades.  If you're confident you'll brave both (and a small smattering of sexual references), I recommend this pair (did I mention how good they look side by side on the shelf?) as entertaining, lively action novels.
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