Thursday, September 27, 2012

Class Reunions

On Saturday I held two class reunions, back to back. That is reunions for classes I taught, not classes I was in. 

Here's the last class I taught full-time (2008):
And here they are now:
...well, a lot of them, anyway (19 students made it to the reunion! ...and I managed to get a picture of 16 of them -- with people coming and going, that wasn't too bad!).  Many of them got in the same spots they were in for the original shot -- bless 'em.

I still remembered their names, likes and dislikes, humour, and strengths.  It was so nice to see them all taller and...mostly just taller.  I'm sure they've changed in other ways, but I often see 12-year-olds as soon-to-be adults in little bodies anyway (more so than teenagers!); they've just grown to match their insides.  My class of 2007 are off to University, Polytech, full-time work and overseas next year.  Yup.

The girls from this class reeled to see Esky running around...since she was the bump I had in my stomach for the second half of the year I taught them.
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