Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Carnival Activity - 2 of 3

Part 2: The Food 
(Carnival start-time = 2:00pm)

I hummed and hawed about serving hotdogs, funnel cake, candy floss and a range of other carnivalesque confection.  In the end, I went with a menu I deemed inexpensive, uber-easy, fast to prepare, and relatively clean -- or at least easy to clean up -- given that I suspected few would sit to eat, but would most likely continue to walk around while eating;
1.  Cupcakes.  The Relief Society ladies baked these at home and brought them along. They obliged my eagerness to add toppers to each...including ones saying "Winter Carnival."
2. Popcorn.  I toyed with the idea of rolling striped paper into cones to hold individual servings, but it was actually easier on my budget to "sell" these in cupcake cases.  And it took less prep.
3.  Fresh, old-fashioned lemonade, complete with paper straws.
4.  Hot chocolate with marshmallows, made in a giant pot.
5.  "Dipsticks" -- an idea spotted via Pinterest -- dip is spooned into the base of cups with vegetable sticks.

I wanted every kid, even if they could barely throw a ball, to be able to step right up and "buy" something to eat.  I wanted the healthiest option to be the most affordable, while the most expensive items were priced to ensure supply would meet demand for as long as possible;
Read more about organising and set-up, here.
A list of stall / game ideas will be posted tomorrow.
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