Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eight Topical Items at 8:00

  1. Our girls are projectile vomitting.  I am scrubbing.  Haki is on "post-tramautic event hug duty."  But we have been illness-free for months, I guess it was our turn again.
  2. I deleted my Facebook account.  Weeks ago.  It is glorious.
  3. Isn't the Flight of the Conchords' CureKids video wonderfuntastical?
  4. Haki is changing jobs.  Again. 
  5. The Lighthouse was rotting on two corners.  Water has been getting puddles.  Now all the gutters are being replaced.  None of this bothers me as much as one of the plumbing and draining dudes constantly smoking while he completes the job. 
  6. I am loving the fantasy genre right now.
  7. Even though we own the film version of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Haki watched it (some of it...he's snoring now) on television tonight and laughed loudly.  He is such a huge fan of Carey's method work therein.
  8. Oh, and Haki turned 32 last week, but has informed me "birthdays after 30 don't matter." /head scratch.  Well that's good, because a) I let our three-year-old centre the candles on your cheesecake and b) said three-year-old informs me cheesecake doesn't count as birthday cake.

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