Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Awkward Things at 5:00

  1. I made Spaghetti Bolognese so good that I spared Ivy's then-cold spillage going to waste by eating it right off her high chair with my bare hands, come clean-up time.  /shrug of shamelessness.  It was really good.
  2. I was visibly startled (read: I jumped half a foot) when Haki entered the kitchen while I was spooning myself up a middle-of-the-day dessert while Ivy slept and Esky was distracted.  I mean, we'd agreed to rendezvous in the kitchen to do so, but nonetheless, I was clearly worried about being sprung by the young one.  Haki cackled in reply.  My heart settled after a minute.
  3. For five consecutive days we have had a lot on.  We weren't on holiday or travelling though -- we still dumped our laundry here, ate the bulk of our meals here, slept here, and so on.  We just dashed after doing those things.  And so the dishes built up.  And by that, I mean we ran out of clean spoons.  And bowls.  And kiddy cups.  The bench was full of dirty dishes, and I have still not caught up.  (It's still ugly in there, as I type.)  Does this happen to other people?  Non-flatting people?  Because I probably should sort that out.  The kitchen bench is definitely a signal for how full-on our timetable has been.  Maybe some people would come home after a chocka day and get stuck into the day's-worth of now-crusty stuff, but I don't.  I put my kids to bed, maybe stream something with Haki while having a warm drink, then fall asleep reading.  I've been way too spent to scrape this week.  So yes, to those who ask, sometimes I do procrastinate and have mess.  I choose to preserve the reserve, man, preserve the reserve.  Our world has enough energy issues.
  4. The other morning, while the girls and I were wide awake...but Haki was...notsomuch...he said, "There's a war tonight" [pause] "Red verse blue" [longer pause...] "They keep stealing our generals!"  If you know Haki and his hobbies, this is unsurprising.  More pillowtalk here.
  5. Two nights ago I dreamt Haki paid a group of people to kidnap me, staging an elaborate conspiracy I had to unravel to reach safety and my family.  It took me an entire day to shake off the residual memory of the unfunniness of it all.  Dream-Haki looked down from a glass office at the end of the dream and told me through an earpiece it was all a joke, ya?  /knee slap.../awkwardcrickets. 
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