Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sabbath Amusements XIX

On Sunday, my lesson included an attention activity wherein I invited the children to cite examples of rules we have for babies that are for their safety and happiness.  Arms shot up, answers came quickly; "You can't leave out little toys they can put in their mouth" | "You need to make sure you don't leave the front door open" | "You shouldn't run around and kick a ball around a baby."  I was impressed.  I scanned the little group of elder siblings and imagined many an interaction with parents that had informed each of the rules they were now sharing.  And then a very animated Constance supplied, "You don't give babies guns."  True dat.

On the same day, Father's Day here in NZ, my lovely team of teachers assisted the same group filling out a little questionairre about their dads.  Some of my favourite answers included: "My dad is really good at ice skating" | "My dad's favourite food is cabbage" | "My dad is really good at working out."  I wish I could see each dad read over their child's work when they present them.  When I completed the same li'l fill-in-the-blanks sheet with Esky for Haki, she said, "My dad loves when I hug and kiss him."  This is also very, very true.

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