Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spring Snow

-- and I'm not talking about the metaphorical kind, I'm talking about bona fide snow, in Spring.  This morning, we woke up to icing sugar sifted mountains across the plains and snow falling in our yard.  Esky was determined it should hurry up and settle on the ground at our place so she could get down to snow business.  Unfortunately, such was not to be.  In fact, it stopped snowing before we got rugged up and left the house for the morning.  Not to be deterred from some cold day play, while Ivy took a car nap, Esky accepted a suggested compromise of a puddle hunt;
I found an empty carpark full of the kind of puddles dreams are made of...and Esky insisted instead to find the most mediocre puddle around and jump in that.  I think this puddle's prominent positioning in a doorway we frequently awkwardly use has given it delusions of grandeur, and Esky's only enabling it.
Even if I wasn't, Esky was satisfied.  Nay, giddy.  So imagine layered-up kidlet's thrill when it began snowing again, and she was in it!
No no, she's not flipping you the bird in excitement...she's caught a snowflake on "tall-ey."  See?!  /air poke, air poke.  See?! 

So yes, while Spring is my favourite season, I welcome being served a wintry day from our maritime climate's coffers.  The fire is burning, we've indulged in hot Milo and homemade cookies, homemade garlic bread and cheesey corn, and half of the family is sleeping.  I'm in the awake half.  Did you guess?

When was your last puddle hunt?
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