Friday, October 12, 2012

Because I don't know how to have a normal check-up

You might remember the last time I went for a smear appointment.  Yeah, I said it; smear.
It was unusual, to say the least.  (Catch up here.)

Well, I went again a couple of weeks ago, and it's like this appointment was competing with my last appointment to be the most unusual appointment...and the latest appointment won.  Believe it.

You see, I went in for a smear...

...and informed the nurse that although it was extremely unlikely -- due to a history of infertility and me having just weaned my baby and rejoined the ovulating ranks -- maybe we should do a pregnancy test before doing the smear since things were a tad irregular...and since my pregnancies are deemed "at risk" and I'm paranoid.

The nurse happily obliged.  Really happily.  She invited me to wait back in the room after carrying off my "sample."
She came back in bouncing, beaming, and clutching a plastic test.

With two solid lines.

So I didn't get a smear.

I did get a "Your Pregnancy" booklet for the third time, and 15 emotional minutes with a nurse who was no doubt just as thrilled as I was that our appointment had taken a radical turn from its former agenda.

  • Baby 3 = due before winter, next year.
  • I cried with a woman I've never met -- filled with elation and disbelief.
  • We waited almost 7 years for Esky.  Ivy and thirdee have boxed their way in after...a month's wait?  Yup.
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