Monday, October 8, 2012

Esky Wields the Pen

At 3.5, Esky:
  • is really into her reading and writing.  She sounds out words in books, on signs, on T-shirts, on food products -- anything that grabs her attention.  She likes practising her letters, and when she tires of that, "writing" in nonsense-characters to fill a page.  
  • does a cute robot voice, and often initiates a robot conversation by saying, "Let'"
  • is still all about pretend play.  She acts out things we watch, read and talk about.  Recently she gave me a wooden block and instructed me to call 111 and let them know there was a fire.  When she (the sole firefighter) arrived in response, she hosed down the flames with an empty paper towel tube.
  • makes me laugh so. much.  My favourite moment of late: she came into our bedroom to a drowsy morning-Haki and said, "Look, Papa!  Look!  I'm really good with a hoola hoop!" and proceeded to rotate her hips with an open-mouthed smile of pride. There was no hoola hoop.
  • has begun more actively teaching Ivy things; "You hold it like this, Ivy, and then you go like this! See?  Good job."  [insert many tasks here]
  • she has stopped humming a musical note when she blows a party blower and can actually get the blower to sound its whistle -- she discovered this at Gamma's birthday;
I regularly catch my breath at how scrumptious I find her squishy cheeks, glowing skin, and shiny hair.  Mmmm!
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