Friday, October 19, 2012

FAQs re Pregnancy's only taken me around a week. 

Sorry about that. 

This leads me to question and answer numero uno;
  • How are you feeling?  I'm tired.  This has been a constant from as early as one month in.  When Haki and I were done reeling over my smear appointment's outcome, we "aha-ed" over why I'd been going to bed with little explanation at around 7:30pm nightly for more than a month.  Nausea (in my case it is like an ever-present background sea-sickness) kicked in at around 2.5 months...just after I found out I was pregnant (it surely cannot be because I knew!? GAH!).  So yes, I didn't know when I went to the appointment, and suddenly my weariness made sense, and the onset of nausea a week later had an explanation.
  • How far along are you?  14 weeks.  The baby is due in between Esky and Ivy's birthdays.  Yess'um, we're in for a birthday season.
  • Do you have any cravings?  Occasionally.  Like my last two pregnancies, I seems like there are more aversions than cravings.  Unlike my other two pregnancies, the smell of eggs doesn't bother me (I had to sit outside if Haki was making them, previously).  I have been seriously enjoying melon, milk, berries, yoghurt, peanut MnMs, and...biersticks.  Just once, okay?
  • Wait, so you were pregnant...  for the trip up north?  Yup.  For the entire carnival?  Yesss.  That time I told you I couldn't make it to your place/thing?  Yeah, and it could've been why I wasn't keen.  Sorry again.
  • What do the girls think?  Yes, as you suspect, Ivy is oblivious.  Esky is excited -- regularly pointing out families with three children and exclaiming, "We're going to be like them soon, and have three children!"or "Ivy will need to learn to be gentle because she is going to be a big sister."  Yeah, she should probably learn that regardless, hon'.  Aw, Ivy.   
  • So Haki will be wanting a boy then?  Sure he is.  But in his words, "I could never be disappointed, since we make such great girls," (said as he looked on adoringly at our pair).
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