Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Five Luxuries at 5:00

  1. While we stayed at the dorms -- being designed for many more occupants -- the water pressure and supply was ah-mazing.  I had a 25-minute shower that was hot until the end. /swoon
  2. We have an Elf on the Shelf coming! AH!  Spoiled.  Thank you, you.
  3. Haki's mother stocked our cupboards and fridge before we got home.  We haven't been shopping since, and won't be going anytime soon. 
  4. Fatso gave us another free month of movies.  Their timing is impeccable.  We'll cancel before the pay date, once again.  They must hate us.
  5. We've got a common cold here at the moment -- no surprise after travel and a string of late nights (what is late for our girls, anyway).  The luxury is that I let the girls watch a movie each day when they're sick (judge me, go ahead), and this has been made all the more special and "get bettery" by having super-soft mini sleeping bags for them to snuggle up in!  They come with matching animal pillows/stuffed toys.  I bought these as a gift for my niece and nephew years ago, and at the temple my sis'-in-law gave them back to me, saying her kids had outgrown them.  There are awesome perks for having your family start a little later than the average Mormon breeder.  Please note: when I say "a movie each day" I really mean Winnie the Pooh and Thomas the Tank Engine on alternating days...over...and over.  Ha!
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