Friday, October 26, 2012

Five TV things at 5:00

  1. Haki and I had been following My Kitchen Rules (Australia). I was loving it.  I was invested. After I started feeling sick, the show lost a lot of its appeal.  So much so, I asked Haki to Google who'd won and just tell me.
  2. I still faithfully watch The Mentalist, despite Haki saying he's only on board for Red John episodes.  Then I found out Sarah's husband has the same conditional interest.  How long can it go on this way, without getting to the bottom of the overarching plot?  Are you still watching?  Careful now, we're only up to S4Ep17 here (U.S. is up to S5Ep4).
  3. So, is Revolution any good?  I've watched the first two episodes, and it seems a'ight.  We're still in a trial phase.
  4. I have to admit something -- when I found out Downton Abbey was on air again here, my first thought was, "I can't believe none of my readers told me!" Yes, YOU.  Because apparently you're all my walked-on PA's?  I don't know, I just think of you as this helpful bunch that keep me in line.  This was a line. I've caught up now, and I am back in the loop.  Phew.  (Because I only watch TV for 2. and 3., above, I would only see 2 hours a week and nothing around that, and certainly no promotion for something on Prime, so somehow I just missed it!)
  5. Haki and I have been tossing ideas back and forth about what "we" (I) should watch while I'm in labour this time -- whenever there's a through-the-night stretch of contractions, I just popped in DVD after DVD until things were advanced enough to leave (Haki fell asleep in the second movie, for Ivy).  For Esky, I watched all of LOTR.  For Ivy, it was all of the Star Wars movies.  This time I'm thinking maybe I'll watch a TV series (especially after Haki lobbied for the Jurassic Park set).  Maybe all of Gilmore Girls?  Or something more rivetting, less warm and fuzzy?  What do you think I should have on stand-by for any painful, standing behind the couch all-nighters?
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