Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ivy the Pseudotalker

Ivy dances.

At one and a half, Ivy...
  • content to draw for extended periods of time alongside Esky.  Her pencil grip is incerdible for one so wee.
  • ...once ready to sleep in her bed, gets on her tummy, stretches out her hand for me to hold, and says "Aaaah!" like she's just had a refreshing drink.  Haki taught her to make this sound when she closes her eyes to sleep.  I've tried singing to her at this time, rubbing her back, and all manner of other soothing routines that Esky lapped up.  Ivy grunts her disapproval at all of these, and eventually withdraws the extended hand as well, if I'm not careful. 
  • shoe-mad.  She tries on all shoes she finds and walks around with them on; clomp, clomp, clomp.  My grey wedges are my favourite on her, to date.  Her favourite are Esky's shiny black church shoes.
  • ...she often attempts to dress in the outfit laid out for Esky, generally...but knickers are the second object of her fixation, and these are donned after 15 minutes or so of intense concentration, over her pants.
  • ...copies Esky in many other ways too.  Two of our beloved imitations include: 1. Her pretending to spit in the sink intermittently while we brush her teeth (nothing comes out) and 2. Her roaring like a lion on all fours, alongside Esky -- you see, Esky is being Mufasa, and has a clear idea of her character and all that is going on in her imagined scene; Ivy is being Esky.
  • ..."talks" a lot.  Haki says it is just in a different language. She attempts to imitate our basic sounds and intonations, with little concern for actual replication.  And because we understand her, I guess there's no real impetus to become more proficient.  Words she has added to her vocabulary include "cheeks," "nose," "apple" and "stop." She calls her belly button "dugaduga."
  • ...loves yoghurt.
  • ...reguarly requests the songs "Roll Your Hands" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" by performing their actions towards you with an eager expression.
  • ...has been known to skoot her way over onto her sister's chair once she's polished off all her food.  Esky usually shuffles over to make room and shares her food.  Occasionally the invasion does not go down well.
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