Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Free Couch

I saw an alert for a three-seater couch on FreeCycle a while ago, with an added note; "Photo available on request."  Request I did.  Although there were some holes and a lot of fluff/pilling all over it, it looked like it would make my life easier.  It was nicer than the couches I'd imagined were being given away in Dunedin.

I borrowed a trailer (and turned around with that thing at least five times, on hills and narrow streets, I might add!), and collected it.  For nothin'.

I sewed on a few like-colour plaid patches (6 or 7 small spots), added cushions we already had floating around Esky's room, rearranged her room, made some wall decoration changes...and vacuumed and tape-cleaned that thing for about two hours.  My MIL thought the patches were part of the "as new" design, so they must look alright!

Here 'tis: You see, Ivy (represented by the "W") is moving into Esky's room soon...and I expect that move may come with some extended periods of "sitting in" again.  Furthermore, I remember when I first had Ivy, it seemed most of my daytime nursing took place in Esky's room -- usually against the wall, sitting on Esky's bed, reading her stories or chatting to her while she built with blocks.  I am so thrilled, and grateful, that now there is a comfortable place to set up camp in a room we spend a lot of time in.

Also: Haki has since informally declared it one of his favourite nap stations.

FreeCycle is super.  We wouldn't have managed to make such an addition without it right now. 
And we're picking up a free baseball bat this week!

P.S.  The previous owner had cleaned the arms with a sweet-smelling detergent.  How kind.  And how lame that the smell is sickly to me during this pregnancy.  I am confident when I'm not pregnant I won't even notice it.  And no, it doesn't bother me that one cushion is facing a different direction than the others, in this picture.  That much.
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