Sunday, October 7, 2012

We're ba-ack

'Cause we were away, see.

Here's some airportin':
Our little family joined a strong contingent of other like-minded folk in a trip up to the Hamilton temple.  My sister-in-law watched the girls plus her four kids while Haki and I went inside to do sacred work.  Due to plenty of rain, a lot of the time was spent in the old CCNZ (Church College of New Zealand) dorms, where we were staying...

We had an entire floor to ourselves.  As in, a good 20 rooms to spread out in.  This also meant a lot of mattress were available for all kinds of tomfoolery;

And here is the Eskinator, tuckered out on the flight home:
It was a bonus that we got to use the trip to catch up with friends and family too (Sharina, Vai, Sarah, Abbey and Jasmine!)

/posts resume
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