Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Enthralling. I love these books.

Days of Blood and Starlight, Laini Taylor

Remember the superlative storm after Daughter of Smoke and Bone(Find it here.) 

I have never anticipated the next installment in any series more than I did Book 2 in this trilogy.  I re-read Book 1 in preparation, and checked the mail for my ARC like a fiend (and my mailbox isn't right by my house, peop's).  I practically jumped my postie-lady when she arrived toting a box of the right size and shape (she's used to it).
  • The characters, oh the characters!  Again, Karou makes other female protagonists wilt by comparison.  And the rest of the colourful players are well-developed and fascinating to boot. AH! 
  • Again, the dialogue is so entertaining!
  • The intricacy of the plot reflects so much careful thought; I feel as though I am entrusting my imagination-journey to someone who has weighed all of the roads we can take and selected the best, surpreme path...instead of simply a path that works to tell a conceived tale.
  • There are so many dimensions to Eretz!  There are these fine threads of detail that spring up that lend an authenticity and richness to the realm's tapestry that I relish.
  • In the second half I audibly inhaled again...and again.  I re-read passages, flicked back a few pages to revisit things in light of new knowlege, and then returned to where I was up to, wide-eyed and frantic. 
  • Although it's YA lit, there's a fair amount of violent content (especially in Book 2) -- enough that I suspect I won't put it into Esky's hands until she's 17, maybe 18?  (Keep in mind my prude levels, please).
  • I'm afraid the words "daughter" and "starlight" (and some of the cover designs) are putting male readers off.  I am almost certain Haki would enjoy these books (especially the second).  What do you think?  The second is truly epic!
  • Taylor's balance between pacing content and poetic prose form is still my ideal.  As many of you know, I don't tolerate 13 page descriptions of shire doors. Nor do I celebrate fast-paced narrative without some finesse.  Taylor keeps the story moving with pops and bursts of stand-out talent dappled amongst it.  Oh, praise be.
If you've read these, I would love to talk with you about the more spoilerific details.  If you haven't read 'em (and think you can stomach some action), ah...read them.

I read this with FaerySarah.  You've just got to see her review, complete with fan art, here.

Interview with the author to follow!

For those not in NZ, many of you will be looking for these covers instead:

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