Monday, November 12, 2012

Five Diversions at 5:00

So much I'd love to share, but I've been occupied with...
  1. The Primary Presentation, yesterday -- favourite moments included a) one young chap reprimanding an older child "helper" for being nearby to assist in delivering his part, saying, "I know it!"  and b) the elder sibling in a duet elbowing his brother further back from the microphone due to his exuberant singing.
  2. Reading an engrossing, epic-awesome bookReview goes up first thing tomorrow!
  3. Ivy's had a chunder-bug.  After patting myself on the back for getting through the washing, scrubbing and breath-holding (gah -- vomit fumes and pregnancy) --  without anyone else catching it -- I had to retract all my self-praise when Esky brought up breakfast this morn.  Hey, at least I think Ivy's over it...  /feeble smile  No, there are more positives than that; Esky tells you when she feels it coming, catches it in a icecream container, and is all 'n' all very brave. 
  4. Napping when I would otherwise post...17 weeks along now.
  5. The washing, scrubbing and soaking deserves a second point. It really has punctuated my week. 
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