Saturday, November 3, 2012

Five Pregnancy-things at 5:00

  1. I can feel somebody in there.
  2. I also feel a volley of self-pity inducing side effects that are all extremely unpleasant and best left unshared.  Maybe they'll pass soon.  Pleeeeease.*
  3. I don't look very pregnant to people who don't know me.  But my soft middle is unmistakably bigger and softer...and I'm in the awkward phase I don't enjoy dressing for.
  4. I miss straight-forward and awesome tummy sleeping. so. bad.
  5. I've already suspended baby three's mobile above where the cot will go next year.

*I still endeavour to remember how desperately I wanted to experience pregnancy and motherhood -- with all that comes with it...because moaning about it once it has arrived seems wrong. That said, I'm finding it is considerably harder to appreciate the ill with the good when I feel it is taking its toll on the two children I already have. Has anyone else found this? That when it is just you or just you and the plus one, it is manageable, but when there are multiple little humans you feel are getting a 20-50% you, it is harder to be happy about it; sacrifice my own wellbeing, comfort, happiness and appetite?  Sure.  Sacrifice the quality of attention, energy and time I give to my children...harder to like. 
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