Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Freebie: Christmas Present Plan (Graphic Organiser)

I like lists.  Better yet, I like lists presented in a visual way that help me organise my thoughts.

This year, I decided if I did an electronic version of how I plan for Christmas gifts, I could quickly print it each year and share it for others' use.  It's a graphic organiser for listing the things you've tucked away to fill Christmas stockings and wrapping under the tree...because if you're like me, you stockpile things at all times of year (when: the price is right / the opportunity arises / a project is finished / a parcel arrives), and it's not so easy (or fun) to take inventory of all you've collected, given the surprise nature and wonderment of Christmas. Having this little plan helps me to view things at a glance, and remind myself how much I really have already, so I don't succumb to Nov/Dec Christmas fever.  (Read: I carry this in my journal to rein myself in when I see a bargain, and weigh up if it's really filling a gap.)

Click on an image to be taken through to a PDF for download.

This first version is organised in categories for the gifts based on the well-circulated gift-giving-rule addage; "Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read."

The second is blank, in case you're not into that.

In defence of the layout, the large space below the heading is where you can write your family name and the year (and you can keep the plan afterwards in a journal or memory folder as a summary of all that went down!).  I write the initial of the recipient on the gift tag, and often the age and/or a little doodle of their "big gift" for that year in the space above it (e.g. last year Esky's had a big block letter "2" and a bike doodle!).

Many of you won't need someting to print of course, but perhaps the idea alone will make for a doodle of your own that helps you organise your thoughts leading up to Christmas?  Have fun!  I am.
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