Friday, November 2, 2012

Reasonable Precautionary Measures

Sometimes I do things, "in case."  We all do.  The car passenger doors' kiddylocks are turned on, in case.  The cleaning spray bottles are all twisted off at the nozzle (even when kept on unreachable shelves), in case.  It's why our matches are stored (up high) in a watertight container and why I kept all of my maternity clothes when doctors would say the likelihood of us conceiving spontaneously a third time was next to nil.

There's a lot of "in case" around here.

But sometimes, I argue inside myself between the frugality and awesomeness of keeping that certain thing "in case" (oh, the imagined glorious moment you produce the obscure saved thing) versus the space it will take up and the likelihood it would ever be used.  Usually I assess the value of the item in question and weigh up if it is really worth storing that thing and growing our "stuff" for something I can buy again for a buck.

It took me about a year to get rid of these two spare trapeziums for our world-famous Tupperware -brand shape sorter.  Why?  What was fogging my mind?  The fact these can't be replaced for a buck?  How much it would vex me if our set was incomplete?

Did I really think we would not only lose a piece of the beloved toy, but we would lose that piece...


(the spares came in a mixed bag of toys I bought for the wooden puzzles within).

So, have you saved anything "in case" that is really a bit ridiculous? 
Are you still saving it? 
It feels good to get rid of it, y'know.
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