Friday, November 23, 2012

The Uglies Trilogy

The Uglies Trilogy, Scott Westerfield

I finished these last week (the books take an average of 4 hours a piece).  I'm a little bankrupt for words in response -- perhaps a result of my exposure to a colourful vocabulary drought for about 12 hours of read-time?   

The dystopian concept upon which these three are based had me.  The action was good enough.  I wanted to read on...that was, until I finished Book 3, which, as it turns out, was not the end of this "trilogy."

In summary:
  • They were a good read.  Not a great, mind-blowing read, but a good read.  I'd recommend them if you want an easy, clean dystopian read.
  • The prose felt watered-down.  I understand this is YA fiction, but these are like a broth as opposed to a hearty stew -- young people need easily consumed comfort foods, but broth?  I haven't read more of Westerfield's work, so I have no authority to comment regarding comparison to his adult fiction...but I still got a gut sense that he was dumbing down the form while delivering the content.  There is a very real possibility that reading these immediately after Daughter and Days is to blame -- I mean, they're quite a double act to follow (and a YA fiction act, at that).
  • I started Book 4 and felt like it was a chore.  Maybe at some later date?  No, I cringe at the thought.  I feel that Books 1-3 exhausted the story potential in this world, for me, from this author.  It's been fun, but I'm done.  Anyone read it and want to swing my vote?
  • I think part of the exhaustion comes from Book 3 -- which took enough risks with character changes, for my taste.  
  • I didn't feel very connected to the protagonist.  In part due to a male author writing a heroine?  I loved Kvothe, Fire, Bitterblue, Karou, Lena, and Ender so much more than Tally.  Buuuut...she's better than Bella.  (But can I get a "Hey ya!" for how hot they managed to make Kristen Stewart look in Breaking Dawn 2?!  Colour me surprised and impressed, simultaenously.)
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