Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Bells: The Game +

Yesterday, I led a series of Singing Time games centred on Christmas carols. 

For each song, there was an attention activity or some other game which led to the next carol.  For the song "Christmas Bells" I stuck a small set of nativity finger puppets on top of some bells, each resonating with a different note.

The cow puppet (and clunkety cow bell) were named MVP by unanimous juvenile vote.  
Read here: easy laughs for the gaming maestro.

The game was simple;
  1. Introduce the ensemble by name and sound;
  2. Line them up on display and review their sounds;
  3. Ring them again as you say good-bye to each, putting them inside a box/container to conceal them from sight;
  4. Ring each bell from within the open box and invite the players to name which member of the nativity was sounding. 
A game of audio Memory, if you will.

Then sing "Christmas Bells," of course.

I invite you, nay, exhort you to amass enough bells to play such a game, even if only for how very quiet and intense you will find your participants.

Other Christmas Singing Time Ideas:
  • For "Have a Very Merry Christmas," I brought a line-up of objects / visuals to correspond to all of the song snippets.  We played visual Memory with the array, with a few items being removed each time.  Then I divvied up the stash for three groups to order the props to match the verses.  We then used the ordered line-up (with students holding up each item in time with the words, first read (to check), then sung) like a Mexican wave as we sang the song.
  • For "The Shepherd's Carol" I hid pieces of a puzzle around the room.  The kidlets were invited to scour their surroundings for the concealed parts. When put together, these formed a crown.  We then sang the song twice over in preparation to sing it in a round.
  • I shared this clip before we sang "Stars Were Gleaming."

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Try one or all, or suggest one to meeee.  Happy Singing Time-ing!

We were gifted our felt nativity finger puppets, but you can purchase this set here (USD$5.95).
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