Friday, December 21, 2012

Clunk, clunk, rooooll

Haki is now working as a carer for adults with intellectual disabilities.  His shifts often include overnight stays in staffed residential shared homes designed for their clients.  One such home, he was warned during orientation, he may find himself awoken during the night, as one of the occupants finds some amusement in turning the lights on in the early hours of the morning.

After his stay, Haki came home to us weary.

He explained that throughout the night, in large stretches he was woken every 10 minutes or so by the sound of a marble being thrown into the kitchen and rolling across the kitchen floor.  After a few failed attempts to catch the culprit and put things to an end, befuddled, he settled for broken sleep/rest, hoping each was the last and he could sleep.  You see, he attempted to remain alert upon each marble sounding, as he felt responsible for ensuring the awake client was supervised.  (And I assure you, my husband can tune things out when he chooses to.  I was impressed by his sense of duty as he recounted his ordeal.  I was also chortling at how hard done-by this man was after a single night's broken sleep).

Come morning, Haki asked the other employee who had slept over, "What was he throwing last night?!" describing his take on the night before, including his inability to catch the sneaky trickster.

His colleague then drew Haki's attention to the burgeoning walnut tree overhanging the house deck, and its heavy bounty...clunk, clunk, roooooll.

Walnut tree, consider yourself supervised.
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