Sunday, December 23, 2012

I can see your anticipation brimming over from here

...and I'm not talking about your Christmas fever, people.  I am talking about how difficult I know it must have been to stay focussed on your festive preparations and celebrations when all you can think about is, "When will that Angela post some tum shots, gosh darn it!?"  

Whaddya meeeean you forgot I was even pregnant?

Well, there are photos to prove it. 
Esky is drawing presents in the background. 
Ivy is heading up mission control...but is too short to be picked up by the webcam. 
Ssssh -- she thinks this entire game was about her.

And so returns regular installments in.../drumroll....
Now that long wait is over, I trust you'll sleep better.  
Oh wait, that's right, I switched back to reality paragraphs ago.  

Merry Christmas!
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