Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ivy surprises

  • For a long time, Ivy would hum and clatter alongside Esky and the train set....doing not much but tapping things together and ruffling a perfectionist's feathers.  Now she confidently builds stretches of track and moves the train along it saying, "Chachacha."  I don't remember that happening...it's like she woke up one morning and was connecting and following trajectories with little effort.  /sniff
  • Ivy can give you a real kiss -- pucker, sound 'n' all.  She gets in kissy moods and gives you 20 in a row occasionally.  I don't tire of these moods.
  • Some of the additions to her vocabulary: bubble, sweet, beep, baby, quack, rock, 'ump (for "jump"), sock, 'orse (for "horse"), nyat (for "cat"), "one." And how telling that she now exclaims "Oh maaan!" and "rats!" and "mine!" /sigh
  • She often doubles over, puts her head on the ground between her hands, flat-palmed, then puts her pointer up in the air behind her (alongside her rear) and calls, "One!" This is your cue to count to three for her to perform a roly poly. 
  • I had paused a phonics song on my screen the other evening, and Ivy walked up and pointed at the screen and said, "G!" I laughed at the coincidence that the frozen frame displayed the corresponding letter.  Then I stopped laughing and squinted in curiousity.  I hit both "play" and "mute," then dropped my jaw as she nonchalantly correctly named "Y" and "C" as she glanced up while walking around the room.  I still don't know what others she knows, because she wasn't that into it...it being without music 'n' all. 
  • Ivy makes no effort to visit our bed (a certain other still does, ritually).  She will not hesitate to call for me to help her straighten her blankets just. so. multiple times a night, however.  She cannot settle if she cannot pull them back up on her (while she's trying to sleep on her tummy).  Thankfully I know dexterity will come before a third child arrives to wake at night.  Right?  RIGHT? 
  • Her ringlets seem to be holding.  Yus.
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