Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So what if there are rats in the roof?

Last week, a man, whom I can safely say many would steer clear of in a dark alley, held a door open for me and my girls with a sincere, "Merry Christmas!"  

I almost collapsed in a heap of Christmas-spirit-mush, on the spot.

This season, I have observed again and again that for every challenge and small obstacle our family has faced, tender mercies and moments have answered back in counter measure. 

Including being given someone else's unwanted baubles...
 ...thereby allowing me to watch my children do something I had yearned for them to do "some day," since laying eyes on this yard's hedge-line.

For those facing greater challenges and obstacles this December, or perhaps ill-timed anniversaries of unfavourable events marked by the season they came unbidden, I sincerely hope and pray similar tokens of generosity and simple goodwill find their way to you. 
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