Thursday, December 6, 2012

Things I found while mowing the lawn today:

  • A large vertebrae bone, wedged in the pine hedge.  Possibly bovine.
  • Half of a large dead rat.  The back half.  Yus, one less rat living on our property but noooo, where there is one...
  • That if your section really demands a 4WD sort of mower...but you have a bottom-end, does-the-job sort of mower, your mower front wheels and axel might just pop off...completely.
  • You can still mow with a mower that only has back wheels.  It's like a cross between a hover car, old wheelbarrow and mower.  Yeah, it's not ideal.
  • No matter how many times I remove the catcher and forget to look away and close my eyes -- learning the hard way the swirling mass of catcher-contents that flies out will go directly in my face -- I still do it again at least once the next time I mow.  Today was no exception. My after-mow shower revealed grass clippings in places grass should not be.  Wedged.  You know where I'm talkin' about.
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