Friday, January 18, 2013

Picture Book Round-up: Cool Carny Tale, 100-counter and More Blessed Shirley Hughes

Gator, Randy Cecil
This book is so sweet.  I fell in love with it the first time we read it, and so did Esky.  It works on multiple levels, and has a unique and irresistable charm.  Love. 
Otto the Book Bear, Katie Cleminson
Like Gator, this book is easy to love.  Sweet sweet sweet. The illustrations are irresistable to boot.
100 Things, Masayuki Sebe
This book is perfect for your little reader and counter if they are just fine counting up into the decades so long as you cue them or hint which multiple of ten is coming next.  Esky can count for a long time so long as I say things like, at 79, "What comes after 7?" and then she says, "EIGHT-EY!" and then counts up until 89 until she pauses for reasurrance once more.  Oh, this book is wonderful for numeracy.  As a teacher, I gush because it is so helpful in helping a little person conceive of a hundred, visually.  It also creates easily counted arrays (without having so many the parents hate the book).  It has things to seek and find, and can be used to extend a child once they "get" 100 by discussing multiples and other things (patterns are created through colour and other markers).   It is cute and smart.  I am confident after a few weeks with this we will be able to move into more complex numeracy concepts, all because of this book's ready-made lessons.  I'm practically salivating at the thought of getting out my numeracy materials.  /drumming fingers together

The Big Alfie Out of Doors Storybook, Shirley Hughes
Esky is crazy about Alfie.  Shirley Hughes is darling and timeless, generally (Esky adores Dogger -- which we now own, with an audio CD), but of late Alfie is a real favourite with her because his adventures so often resemble her own -- and when they don't they inspire new Esky adventures.  I think Alfie plays in a very similar way to Esky, and Annie Rose (his li'l sis) to Ivy.  Esky has me string up outdoor tents and cooks dinner in an old pot (leaves and other found items), and cooks it over sticks she's gathered -- just like Alfie.  We have slowly worked through most of the Alfie books from our library, and I intend to purchase a little collector's set for her next birthday.

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